There are nearly 3 million grandparents in the United States raising grandchildren. That translates into around 6 million grandchildren living in grandparent headed homes. It is a growing epidemic and there is a great need to reach out to these unselfish relatives who are taking these children into their hearts and homes.
Neil and Gail Gallagher   are in the fight to help others gain custody of their grandchildren when it is necessary. They truly are the “voice of the children”. Because of their four year quest to protect their grandchildren, they know the legal obstacles and challenges you may encounter along the way. They have been through the process and pain and their story and struggles will inspire you to press ahead and never quit in your quest for answers. In Gail’s new book,   Grandparents Winning Custody Of Grandchildren, you will find the information you need in your quest to rescue your grandchildren.

Having raised two grandchildren themselves, the Gallaghers know first hand the many challenges facing relatives raising children.

Gail has worked with the National Kinship Alliance for Children, formerly the National Committee of Grandparents for Childrenís Rights for over ten years. Talking to concerned relatives all over the U.S., Gail sees the need for encouragement, support and the need to provide resources to relatives who donít know where to turn.

She has authored the book, Grandparents Winning Custody of Grandchildren and a study for grandparents, The Joys and Trials of Grandparenting. The study includes Influence of a Grandparent, Long Distance Grandparenting, and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.
Gail has attended Abilene Christian University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is the former Texas Regional Director of International Fellowship, a contributor to Adoption Today, Crosswalk and the originator of Grandparentís Corner with Christianity Today International. She now lives in Texas with her husband, children and grandchildren.